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Welcome to R+W Precision Couplings, where innovation, precision, and reliability intersect to revolutionize power transmission solutions. With a rich legacy of engineering excellence, we specialize in crafting elastomer and disc pack couplings, torque limiters, and torque tubes that set new benchmarks in performance and durability.

Featured R+W Precision Couplings

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    R+W – Bellows Couplings

    Bellows couplings are especially suitable for direct connection between two coaxial shafts. The metal bellows defines the characteristics of the coupling and compensates lateral, axial and angular shaft misalignment with low restoring forces.

    Backlash-free, torsionally rigid metal bellows guarantee precision positioning of the driven load and can be used in highly dynamic cyclic duty applications, as well as as high rotational speeds – up to 200,000 rpm depending on the model.

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  • R+W – Disc Pack Couplings

    R+W disc pack couplings have six hole plates made of highly elastic spring steel in their standard design. High strength bolts are used for fastening the disc packs to their end hubs and spacers, so that torque transmission is made by friction force. This prevents micro movements within the joints and helps to increse overall torsional stiffness. The individual disc packs are capable of compensating for angular and axial misalignment only. Dual flex versions can also compensate for lateral misalignment.

  • R+W – Elastomer Couplings

    Elastomer couplings from R+W are characterized by a completely backlash free design, which is achieved by a special jaw geometry and preloaded elastomer insert.

    The elastomer inserts are available in various Shore hardness values which enable the coupling to be adapted precisely to the damping, torsional stiffness, and misalignment compensation requirements of the application.

  • R+W – Torque Limiters

    Torque limiters from R+W operate on the spring-loaded ball detent principle. If the torque exceeds the set limit value, the coupling completely disconnects the driving and driven components. This results in a mechanical separation within less than 5 ms in the event of a torque overload. The coupling system is completely backlash free and suitable for highly dynamic applications in modern drive technology.