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Contour Motion represents the world’s premiere Mechatronics, AutoMotion, Robotics and Control brands.   Our experienced team loves to help customers create innovative products and solve important problems.   We have an array of perfectly suited products for industrial grade, washdown, hygienic, and stainless-steel applications. We are partnered with the leaders to bring you a comprehensive toolkit that helps you tackle the most demanding applications.

Custom Systems, Subsystems and “Done With You” Support

Custom Systems, Subsystems and “Done With You” SupportBy nature, the normal, everyday Industrial automation applications require long-lasting, durable equipment.   Most manufacturers have developed entire lines of standard, off-the-shelf products to address these everyday applications.

Washdown applications are a lot more difficult.  Fewer companies take the time to learn the needs of customers, much less invest the time and energy needed to create usable solutions.  As a result, it is much harder to find automotion products that are designed for wet, hygienic, caustic, and/or stainless-steel based applications.

As such, projects like these often need extra engineering.  ModuSystems specializes in solving problems that others are not interested in pursuing.   Sometimes it’s as simple as designing and producing a couple of machined parts, other times it means designing a complete electro-mechanical subsystem.  If you are struggling to find what you need, give us a call, if there is a win-win opportunity, ModuSystems will take a serious look at your problem.

All the Tools You Need to Succeed

Contour Motion prides itself on giving engineers the best mechatronic and control solutions for demanding washdown applications.  This website is intended to make your life a little easier by organizing each of our brands washdown, hygienic and stainless-steel solutions by product type, manufacturer and application.  It should get you started and generate ideas.  If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please let us know.   Many of our best applications are custom, or modified designs to meet a specific requirement.   Please feel free to reach out.  We are here to help.  Thank you for visiting.

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