Looking for Representation

Looking for Representation?

Looking for Representation?

Contour Motion / Looking for Representation

About Us

  • Founded in 2013
  • Cover CA, AZ, NV
  • Industrial Automation & Motion Control
  • Team of 7 Engineers

How to work with us?

Contour Motion is not a distributor but is a manufacturer’s representative. We at Contour Motion do not buy and resell. We carry no paperwork. We act as an extension of your organization, leveraging our existing relationships with customers, distributors, machine builders and system integrators to develop a thriving territory for your organization.

Our service to you is to find not only support your existing customers but to find new applications and opportunities for you and your products. We support your organization from a sales, engineering and marketing perspective.

As a manufacturer’s representative, we operate as a regional manager for your organization. We are a variable cost to you and your organization being compensated directly by the sales in the territory.

The benefit to you, as a manufacturer, is that we are a variable cost; if there is $1M of sales in this region, our services (four experienced salesmen providing sales, marketing & engineering services) would only cost your organization $100k (based on a 10% Commission rate).

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