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In logistics, STEIN has laid down the foundations for Industry 4.0, which has had a major role in shaping our portfolio since 1992. We have been bringing our extensive logistics and data-processing experience to the market since 1992 with our logistics management services. Networked production plants are intelligently controlled using RFID technology.

Stein Automation Featured Products

Stein 300

Stein 300e

Stein 400

Stein Link

  • Stein Automation – 300e

    Strong When It Comes to Electrics

    STEIN promotes the trend towards electrification with the STEIN 300e, which is based on the STEIN 300. Instead of pneumatics, the stoppers, transfer units or centering devices are controlled via electric drives. This is particularly a big advantage for cleanroom applications. As a side benefit, your production is more environmentally friendly.

  • Stein Automation – Stein 300


    The STEIN 300 has a fixed place in over 3,900 assembly halls. With a vast range of customers and in a wide variety of configurations. From a simple circuit right through to ERP connection or traceability functionality, each installation is custom-made for our customers using a standard toolkit.

  • Stein Automation – Stein 400


    The STEIN 400 performs particularly heavy jobs. It transports heavy workpieces weighing up to 80 kg safely and effortlessly through the production process. Despite the heavy parts, configuration and control of the system is still easy with the tried-and-trusted STEIN CONTROL Solution.

    The benefits of STEIN 400

    • extremely quiet
    • for weights up to 80 kg
    • pallet sizes from 240 x 240 mm (freely scalable)
    • speeds up to 30 m/min.
    • large selection of components (transfer unit, centering devices…)
    • minimal wear and tear due to roller cassettes
    • flexible transport
  • Stein Automation – Stein Link

    STEIN link intelligent interlinking in intralogistics

    The STEIN link system is based on an intelligent shuttle. This can be equipped with RFID technology and thus intelligently drive routes. The intelligent energy concept of the STEIN link is based on an easy-to-change battery mounted at the rear of the STEIN link. This can be changed either manually or fully automatic within a few seconds.

    Behind every assembly line there is also a logistics concept. Thus, we can become active in already known customer segments and additionally in target markets such as the link to injection molding machines, intralogistics applications and solutions in the field of battery technology and medical technology.