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POSITAL is a manufacturer of sensors for motion control and safety assurance systems. The company’s products, which include rotary encoders, inclinometers and linear position sensors, are used in a wide range of settings, from manufacturing to mining, agriculture to energy. POSITAL is a member of the international FRABA Group. FRABA Group is a market-leading enterprise that makes use of advanced product design and manufacturing process to ensure that its customers enjoy the benefits of technology leadership, choice, product quality and competitive prices.

Featured Posital Products

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    Posital – Absolute Encoders

    Looking for a precise and reliable sensing solution? Absolute rotary encoders provide unique position values from the moment they are switched on, even for movements that occur while the system is without power. They come in single-turn and multi-turn variations with different resolutions and communication interfaces, and thousands of mechanical and connection configurations to choose from. POSITAL absolute encoders offer increased accuracy and reliability, making them suitable for various applications. Visit our product finder and webshop and choose an encoder that perfectly fits your specific requirements!

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  • Posital – Inclinometers

    Inclinometers, also called tilt sensors, are designed to measure the angle of an object with respect to the force of gravity. These tilt or level meters determine the angle orientation in space with gravity as reference and output these values via the appropriate electrical interface. Inclinometers are easy to integrate to an application because there is no need for mechanical linkages other than the installation itself – a real advantage for design engineers. POSITAL’s inclinometer portfolio offers solutions for different industries to tackle all application-specific challenges

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    Posital – Kit Encoders

    POSITAL kit encoders offer smart, maintenance-free and cost-efficient solutions for the most challenging tasks in real time motion feedback. Fusion of sensing technologies results in unique designs with uninterruptable, battery-free multiturn function, powered by a Wiegand pulse with every rotation. The gear-free, compact and economically optimized concept is ideal for integration into servo, stepper or BLDC motors. No special equipment is required for the installation. There are various mechanical configurations starting from 22 mm outer diameter. Enhanced signal processing software enables high-resolution position measurement with excellent latency compensation.

    An image of kit encoders from Posital Fraba.
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    Posital – String Pots

    Draw wire sensors, also called cable pull sensors, are designed to perform linear position measurement using an encoder and thus providing high accuracy sensing. Connected to a draw wire, the encoder delivers a signal proportional to the cable that is pulled out. While pinion and racks require perfect alignment and soldering, a draw wire sensor offers an easy-to-install system with a large variety of interface options. Thanks to the powerful UBIFAST configuration tool, customers can define the needed resolution after selecting the desired measuring range. It therefore answers any type of application involving linear displacement.

    An image of a Posital Draw String Encoder