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Macron specializes in the design and manufacturing of Gantries and Linear Robotic Systems. A world leader in Belt-Driven Linear Actuators, their Modular format makes them particularly easy to integrate into Gantries (Cartesian Robots) of virtually and shape and size.

One Piece Pulley/shaft Construction

Variety of belt options

Pulley housing design impossible for belt to slip

  • Macron Dynamics- 7th Axis Robot Slides

    Macron Dynamics offers easy to configure 7th axis robot slides for all makes and models of 6 Axis Robots. These actuators are designed to handle the mass of the robot plus the additional payload as well as moment loads experienced with robot reach. Robots designed around include but not limited to: Yaskawa, Fanuc, Kuka & UR.

    • MRA-RTU-0: 500 lbs
    • MSA-RTU-1: 1,000 lbs
    • MSA-RTU-2: 2,000 lbs
    • MSA-RTU-3: 3,000 lbs
  • Macron Dynamics- Gantry Systems

    Macron Dynamics offers a variety of multi-axis systems for all applications requiring movement in XY & Z? Their team of engineers will work with you to design a system that meets your application requirements and will include cable track, torque tubes, gearboxes and mounting features.

    • X X’ (Dual Horizontal)
    • X Y Systems
    • X Y Systems
    • Z Y Z Systems
  • Macron Dynamics- Linear Actuators

    Macron Dynamics offers a wide variety of belt drive actuators, each designed specifically for the application, using their proprietary belt technology, single piece pulley design and incorporating different bearing types.

    • IP69k Stainless Options
    • Pusher Actuators
    • Push/Pull (no bearings)
    • Omega Design (moving motor)
    • Dual Cart Options
  • Macron Dynamics- Linear Robotics

    Macron Dynamics offers a variety of multi-axis linear systems. These systems are designed for high speed applications moving in multiple axes with stationary motors.

    • T-Bots
    • H-Bots
    • Tri-Bots