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LinMot develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality linear motors, linear rotary motors, linear modules and linear systems for use in industrial automation. You get everything for linear motion from a single source. The headquarters of NTI AG is located in Spreitenbach, near Zurich in Switzerland. As an international, innovative company with an experienced customer service, sales and support network, we are always a competent and reliable partner for the realisation of linear and rotary movements.

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    LinMot – IP69K Rated Solutions

    • Designed for applications with high demands on materials and protection class
    • Optimal use in the food and pharmaceutical sector
    • High corrosion resistance
    • Stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
    • High motor protection class up to IP69 according to DIN EN 60529
    • FDA approved polymer bearings
    • Single-cable solution with LinMot encoder technology
    An image of a LinMot IP69k Stainless Steel linear motor.
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    LinMot – IP69k Stainless MagSprings

    MagSpring products are best described by the term “magnetic spring”. The term “spring”, however, must be understood in the sense that MagSpring components exert a constant force over their entire working range, whereas a typical characteristic curve for a mechanical spring has the force increasing as a function of displacement.  Generating a force that is independent of displacement makes MagSprings an excellent choice for compensating for weight forces in vertical applications. 

  • LinMot – Linear Actuators (DM01)

    • Direct mounting of the load with absorption of transverse forces
    • Anodised aluminium housing for easy cleaning
    • Corrosion-resistant, hard chrome-plated guide rods
    • Linear ball bearings with food grade lubricant (NSF H1)
    • MagSpring® option available for vertical load compensation
    • Can be combined to form two-axis systems
  • LinMot – Linear Actuators (F01/E01)

    • Rigid & precise with an extremely high load bearing capacity
    • Stroke lengths up to 2m
    • High dynamic response
    • Adapterless connection for compact gantry systems
    • High mechanical compatibility with LinMot products
    • Long service life
    • Easy load installation
    • Delivered preassembles, ready-to-install
  • LinMot – Linear Motors

    LinMot motors are high quality, extremely high efficiency tubular linear motors. This high efficiency means less heat generated and better position accuracy. The simple, clean tubular design makes it easy to install the motor, reducing the footprint and achieving unrivaled force density. Contrary to conventional drive solutions, LinMot solutions do not require any mechanical transmission elements – which simplifies the design, while reducing wear to almost zero and thus minimizing maintenance.

  • The LinMot Company Logo.

    LinMot – Linear Rotary Actuators

    LinMot Linear Rotary Actuators combine the best of both worlds: linear and rotary movements within a single slim housing. These innovative modules offer exceptional flexibility, dynamics, and speed, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. Here’s what sets LinMot Linear Rotary Motors apart:

    • Highly Dynamic Linear and Rotary Direct Drive: LinMot’s linear-rotary motors provide precise and rapid motion control. Whether you need linear translation or rotary motion, these modules deliver outstanding performance.
    • Independent Linear and Rotary Movements: LinMot Linear Rotary Motors allow independent linear and rotary motion, which can be synchronized if required. This versatility enables seamless integration into various automation processes.
    • Programmable Press Forces and Torques: Fine-tune the force and torque output to match your specific application needs. LinMot motors offer programmable parameters for optimal performance.
    • Optional Hollow Shaft: Choose the hollow shaft option for streamlined designs and efficient integration with other components.
    • MagSpring Load Compensation: Enhance reliability and safety by equipping LinMot motors with MagSpring counterbalances. These virtually wear-free components ensure consistent weight compensation.
    LinMot - Linear Rotary Actuator combining linear & rotary movements into one package.
  • LinMot – MagSprings

    Its functionality is based on the attractive force of permanent magnets. This means that no power supply is needed (electrical power, compressed air, etc.), making even safety-related applications possible. Due to the special design of the flux guiding components and the magnets, the severely non-linear relationship between force and displacement in arrangements of magnets and iron is transformed into a constant force curve.

    • Purely passive, requiring neither electrical power nor compressed air
    • Forces up to 60 N
    • Strokes up to 350 mm
    • Can be combined with H-guide
    • Also suitable for dynamic motions
    • Simple design
  • LinMot – Multi-Axis Systems (SM01/SM02)

    • Motor housing and mounting parts made of stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
    • Guide rods optionally in surface-hardened stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
    • Guide with linear ball bearings and food-grade lubricant (NSF H1) or plain guide with FDA-approved polymer bearings
    • High resistance to chemicals
    • Suitable for “wash-down” with protection class IP69
    • Optimally designed for “in-place” cleaning processes such as CIP and SIP