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Accu Tech offers a wide variety of innovative and customizable automation products to meet the needs of customers. Actuators, Ball Screws, Collaborative Robots and Linear Guides are just a few of the solutions we offer for your automation and motion requirements.

  • Accu Tech – Ball Screws and Ballnuts

    • Precision Ground Series:
      • Available in External Ball Circulation, Internal Ball Circulation, and High Lead configurations.
      • Unbeatable precision, life, smoothness, and cost.
      • Lead accuracies of 0.018 mm/300 mm.
      • Surface-hardened for rigidity and durability.
      • Gothic Arch thread profile for accuracy.
    • Rolled Series:
      • Lower cost due to efficient manufacturing.
      • Faster delivery (stock items).
      • Lead accuracies of 0.018 mm/300 mm.
      • Smooth ball circulation inside the ballnut.
    an image of 5 different ballscrews
  • Accu Tech – Collaborative Robots

    The TM12 & TM14 offer class leading payload and reach capabilities. The TM12 offers 12Kg payload and a 1300mm reach and the TM14 offers a 14Kg payload and 1100 reach. Like the TM5, the new increased specification robots are easy to deploy, are highly flexible, are maintenance free and provide a high performance automation solution for manufacturing.

    Robot ModelPayload (kg)Reach (mm)Weight (kg)
    TM 12/1412140024
    An image of the Techman collaborative robot.
  • Accu Tech – Industrial Linear Actuators

    Accu Tech is the master distributor for several leading actuator manufacturers.

    • Toyo
    • Motech
    • Baumeister & Schack
    • TI Motion
    • Norgren
    • Euro Din Spec
    An image of a linear actuator with stepper motor.
  • Accu Tech – Linear Guides / Profile Rails

    • MSC – Minature Type SS
    • MSD – Minature Type Wide
    • MSA – Heavy Load Type
    • MSB – Compact Type
    • MSG – Wide Rail Type
    • MSR – Full Roller Type
    • SME – Ball Chain Type
    • 3-5 Day Standard Lead times
    • Try Before you Buy!
    • TDC – Thin Dense Chrome
    • Nickel Plate
    • Black Oxide
    • Raydent
    • Armoloy
    An image of three linear guide (profile rail) bearings