Multi Axis Systems

Multi-Axis Systems

Multi-Axis Systems

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  • Macron Dynamics- Linear Robotics

    Macron Dynamics offers a variety of multi-axis linear systems. These systems are designed for high speed applications moving in multiple axes with stationary motors.

    • T-Bots
    • H-Bots
    • Tri-Bots
  • Macron Dynamics- Gantry Systems

    Macron Dynamics offers a variety of multi-axis systems for all applications requiring movement in XY & Z? Their team of engineers will work with you to design a system that meets your application requirements and will include cable track, torque tubes, gearboxes and mounting features.

    • X X’ (Dual Horizontal)
    • X Y Systems
    • X Y Systems
    • Z Y Z Systems
  • LinMot – Multi-Axis Systems (SM01/SM02)

    • Motor housing and mounting parts made of stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
    • Guide rods optionally in surface-hardened stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
    • Guide with linear ball bearings and food-grade lubricant (NSF H1) or plain guide with FDA-approved polymer bearings
    • High resistance to chemicals
    • Suitable for “wash-down” with protection class IP69
    • Optimally designed for “in-place” cleaning processes such as CIP and SIP
  • Jenny Science – Multi Axis Systems

    All Jenny Science linear and rotary actuators have been designed to be configured with each other, with machined features to ensure orthogonality.

  • Accu Tech – Collaborative Robots

    The TM12 & TM14 offer class leading payload and reach capabilities. The TM12 offers 12Kg payload and a 1300mm reach and the TM14 offers a 14Kg payload and 1100 reach. Like the TM5, the new increased specification robots are easy to deploy, are highly flexible, are maintenance free and provide a high performance automation solution for manufacturing.

    Robot ModelPayload (kg)Reach (mm)Weight (kg)
    TM 12/1412140024
    An image of the Techman collaborative robot.