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  • Macron Dynamics- Linear Actuators

    Macron Dynamics offers a wide variety of belt drive actuators, each designed specifically for the application, using their proprietary belt technology, single piece pulley design and incorporating different bearing types.

    • IP69k Stainless Options
    • Pusher Actuators
    • Push/Pull (no bearings)
    • Omega Design (moving motor)
    • Dual Cart Options
  • Macron Dynamics- 7th Axis Robot Slides

    Macron Dynamics offers easy to configure 7th axis robot slides for all makes and models of 6 Axis Robots. These actuators are designed to handle the mass of the robot plus the additional payload as well as moment loads experienced with robot reach. Robots designed around include but not limited to: Yaskawa, Fanuc, Kuka & UR.

    • MRA-RTU-0: 500 lbs
    • MSA-RTU-1: 1,000 lbs
    • MSA-RTU-2: 2,000 lbs
    • MSA-RTU-3: 3,000 lbs
  • LinMot – Linear Actuators (F01/E01)

    • Rigid & precise with an extremely high load bearing capacity
    • Stroke lengths up to 2m
    • High dynamic response
    • Adapterless connection for compact gantry systems
    • High mechanical compatibility with LinMot products
    • Long service life
    • Easy load installation
    • Delivered preassembles, ready-to-install
  • LinMot – Linear Actuators (DM01)

    • Direct mounting of the load with absorption of transverse forces
    • Anodised aluminium housing for easy cleaning
    • Corrosion-resistant, hard chrome-plated guide rods
    • Linear ball bearings with food grade lubricant (NSF H1)
    • MagSpring® option available for vertical load compensation
    • Can be combined to form two-axis systems
  • ModuSystems – Linear Motion

    ModuSystems offers a wide variety of linear motion solutions. Offering every type of drivetrain (belt, screw, rack/pinion) and supporting components (bearings and encoders), ModuSystems has a solution to solve your linear motion needs.

    • Belt Drive Actuators
    • Ball Screw Actuators
    • Precision Stages
    • Lead Screw Stepper Motors
    • Rod-Style Actuators
    • Bearing & Ball-Screw Assemblies
  • The NTN Automation Company logo.

    NTN Automation – Rodless Actuators

    Our linear actuator products are can be used in multiple applications and industries. According to your diverse installation needs, our engineering team provides various kinds of actuators matching different request of speed, load, stroke, and even different levels of water resistance. Available in rod- and rodless styles, with multiple motor and drive types depending on the application. We offer linear actuators, control boxes hand pendants, and accessories.

    • Acme Screw
    • Ball Screw
    • Rack & Pinion
    • Linear Motion
    • Stepper Motor
    • Servo Motor
    • AC Motor
    • DC Motor
    An image of a rod-style actuator from NTN Automation
  • Accu Tech – Industrial Linear Actuators

    Accu Tech is the master distributor for several leading actuator manufacturers.

    • Toyo
    • Motech
    • Baumeister & Schack
    • TI Motion
    • Norgren
    • Euro Din Spec
    An image of a linear actuator with stepper motor.