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  • AMCI – Motion Control

    AMCI designs and manufactures everything you need to easily configure a high performance, reliable PLC-based motion control system.  Every product is designed for optimum performance and years of trouble free operation.

    Our stepper and servo motion control products offer optional network  connectivity, and can be integrated into existing systems to improve  performance and ensure reliability.

    With over 20 years of success in the design and manufacturing of industrial control solutions, you can rely on AMCI’s expertise when purchasing your next PLC-based motion control solution.

  • ModuSystems – Engineered Services

    ModuSystems provides engineered services to help you automate your process. Offering engineering support, custom designs, machine initializations, system integration and on-site implementation, ModuSystems is your one stop for system services.

    • Custom Actuator/Stage Designs
    • Facility Automation Implementation
    • On-Site Engineering Services
    • Robotic Solutions
    • Machine Tending
    • Custom builds/designs
  • ModuSystems – Linear Motion

    ModuSystems offers a wide variety of linear motion solutions. Offering every type of drivetrain (belt, screw, rack/pinion) and supporting components (bearings and encoders), ModuSystems has a solution to solve your linear motion needs.

    • Belt Drive Actuators
    • Ball Screw Actuators
    • Precision Stages
    • Lead Screw Stepper Motors
    • Rod-Style Actuators
    • Bearing & Ball-Screw Assemblies
  • ModuSystems – Machine Controllers

    ModuSystems offers a wide variety of Motion Control solutions. From custom board level solutions to modular and scalable individual axes, ModuSystems offers a solution to meet your application needs.

    • Integrated Motor Solutions
    • Modular Controllers
    • Economy Series Controllers
    • Free Snap2Motion Software
    • Network Masters
    • Servo Amplifiers
  • ModuSystems – Rotary Motion

    ModuSystems offers a wide variety of rotary motion solutions. From direct drive rotary tables to the supporting components (encoders, brakes, gearboxes) ModuSystems has a solution to solve your rotary motion needs.

    • Direct Drive Thetas
    • Gear Driven Rotary Solutions
    • Integrated Motors
    • Gearboxes
    • Couplings & Torque Tubes
    • In-line Motor Brakes