Cone Drive – Cycloidal Gearing

Cone Drive – Cycloidal Gearing

TwinSpin® and DriveSpin® cycloidal gears are designed for high precision, torque density, and weight reduction. The G & GH series provide high tilting stiffness, low friction, and high torque overload capacity with a high precision output bearing. In addition the DS & DSH series provide rotary motion and transfer output torque with high radial-axial load capacity.  Cycloidal gearboxes are ideal for robotics and positioning applications.


  • High Reduction Ratio
  • High Kinematic Accuracy
  • Low Lost Motion
  • High Moment Capacity and Stiffness
  • Compact and Lightweight


  • Dynamic, High Performance Actuator
  • Compact Cycloidal Gear Design
  • High Torsional and Tilting Stiffness
  • Zero Backlash