LinMot – IP69k Stainless MagSprings

LinMot – IP69k Stainless MagSprings MagSpring products are best described by the term “magnetic spring”. The term “spring”, however, must be understood in the sense that MagSpring components exert a constant force over their entire working range, whereas a typical characteristic curve for a mechanical spring has the force increasing as a function of displacement.  […]

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LinMot – Magsprings

LinMot – MagSprings Its functionality is based on the attractive force of permanent magnets. This means that no power supply is needed (electrical power, compressed air, etc.), making even safety-related applications possible. Due to the special design of the flux guiding components and the magnets, the severely non-linear relationship between force and displacement in arrangements

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Linmot – Linear Motors

LinMot – Linear Motors LinMot motors are high quality, extremely high efficiency tubular linear motors. This high efficiency means less heat generated and better position accuracy. The simple, clean tubular design makes it easy to install the motor, reducing the footprint and achieving unrivaled force density. Contrary to conventional drive solutions, LinMot solutions do not

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