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Linear-Rotary Actuators Make Capping Easy

Bottle capping, screw driving, nut-running and other applications require a sophisticated combination of linear and rotary motion.    Speed, torque (force), and position must be constantly monitored and controlled in real-time.   

LinMot makes such tasks easier by combining linear and rotary actuation into a family of all-in-one Linear-Rotary solutions.  

LinMot’s Drives and Controls work together with their actuators to provide the fine control necessary to achieve the highest levels of productivity and quality for such operations.  

Their linear-rotary actuators are designed for use in washdown and cleaning (IP67-S), where the rod extends into the wet areas of the machine, and the body remains in a more standard industrial environment (IP64).

Linear-Rotary actuators are available with or without torque and force sensors.  Units with sensors increase the resolution for finer control.  Those without use the motor’s current feedback and resolve to approximately 10% of the motor’s peak force/torque output.

Optional hollow shaft (pass-thru) allow users to port air, fluids, and or cables through the actuator’s moving shaft.